The Creative VC

The Creative VC is an open community bridging creative industries to the VC world.  We look to solve the ‘persona non-grata’ of the creative community by supporting conversation between creatives and investors while encouraging mutual learnings along the way…

When you’re raising funding for media and entertainment startups and projects for the greater part of your career, you tend to pick things up.  Like the fact that the majority of venture and angel investors avoid the space like the plague.  Why? Likely because of the perceived returns and stigma of an even riskier industry.

So I’ve set out to create a community of creatives and investors to defeat that train of thought and provide access to deals that not only change the creative economy landscape but culture as a whole.

“To make a generational difference we must transform everyday culture. By supporting the one that feeds the zeitgeist, the creative economy, we influence generations beyond Z.”

To be continued…

Don’t mind the growing pains, we’re still in BETA


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